4.4 out of 5 (based on 3 ratings)

Closure - Enjoy playing Closure at the Comfort of your Home !

Closure is built upon the relationship of light and darkness. Anything that's visible becomes tangible. Ground and walls materialize in your view, transforming into sturdy objects that you can interact with. When the light fades away, those same constructions cease to exist. Have fun in this awesome game!

Controls of the Game

You move your characther with [ARROW] Keys


Closure - Complete the game 100%.

Flight of the Moth - Find a Silver Moth.

Moth Trove - Locate the Moth Cave.

Over in a Flash - Complete the Hospital.

Playtime is Over - Complete the Circus.

The River - Complete the Tutorial.

Welcome to Purgatory - Complete the Main Game.

Working Overtime - Complete the Factory.

game review

Closure is thoughtful and pensive approach to the puzzle genre should be applauded. It controls smoothly and looks and sounds great as it both punishes and rewards. It strikes just the right balance that all puzzle games should strive for. Something that even untalented puzzle gamers shouldnt feel frustrated with while engendering a more hardcore games. Definitly great fun game, 10/10!